The Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services is committed to transforming and empowering student lives. We are dedicated to understanding human behavior from a cultural, historical, individual, physical, political, and social context. And to the application of this knowledge, the Pathway promotes intellectual scholarship and encourages civic engagement that improves our local and global communities and inspires meaningful career goals that benefit society. 




1.) What is the BC website?
2.) Where is the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Located?
  • Central Campus, Building 1 / Room 116
  • North Campus, Building 56 / Room 211
  • South Campus, Building 69 / Room 255B 
3.) What disciplines encompass the SBSHS?
  • Geography, History, Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology.
4.) Where can I find the list of courses for each discipline?
  • Click here to visit the BC website under Academic and Programs for SBSHS.
5.) Do I need pre-requisites in order to sign up for the SBSHS courses?
  • Some courses do require pre-requisites while others do not.
  • Click here to make an appointment with your academic advisor for more questions.
6.) What do I do if a course has started and I want to be in the course?
  • If a course is already in session, in order to be placed in the course you must obtain a written permission from the instructor and bring it to the SBSHS department on your campus listed above.
7.) What do I do if I think the grade I received is incorrect?
  •  First, contact your instructor. If you do not hear back from your instructor please contact our department on the campus the course was taken, listed above.
8.) What do I do if my instructor does not arrive to class and I did not receive an email or phone call?
  • Please contact the department at the Campus you are located and let us know.
9.) Whom do I contact if I want to know about Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?
10.) Whom do I contact if I want to know about Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)?
11.) Whom do I contact if I want to know about the Honors College?


  Browad College A. Hugh Adams Central Campus  /  3501 SW Davie Road, Davie FL 33314 / (954) 201-6513

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