There are many types of internships. An Internship is one of the best ways to gain professional experiences, while also enhancing your resume. Additionally, it is a great way to acquaint yourself with the opportunities and challenges within an industry, while learning universal values like responsibility, accountability, and teamwork.

The SBSHS Professional Enhancement Program (PEP), is a unique internship which pairs Broward College students with  Broward College leaders and community professionals to gain experience and knowledge in their intended fields of study and/or careers. Internship providers who participate in the program share their time and talent to give interns meaningful, career-related experiences.

This program is designed for you to take on the roles and responsibilities of a valued member of any organization. In turn, your attendance, punctuality, dress, and work ethic should reflect your academic and professional aspirations, as well as your commitment to your parents, teachers, school, and peers.


1. Commit to a PEP orientation session and weekly internship training meetings.

2. Demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, which includes arriving on time for designated workshops, sessions, and work, notifying the site supervisors of any deviations from the established schedule, and dressing to the standard of the organization and the work being performed.

3. Complete tasks that include but are not limited to the submission of weekly reports, PEP experiences and assigned P.I.E.S. 

4. Communicate with the Lead Intern, project supervisor and/or faculty mentor any issues that may affect your performance of designated responsibilities of the overall success of the experience.

Good Academic Standing

The Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) is solely committed to helping our intern reach their full potential is excelling in their academic studies and career field, at the same time help them network with others interns in the same field.

The Dean of the Social Behavioral Sciences & Human Services pairs students in the program with faculty in their area of interest. For example, a student with an interest in medicine may be paired with a psychology professor who specializes in the application of psychological principles to the practice of medicine. Also, a student who wishes to work in the public sector (ex: city manager) may be paired with a political science professor who specializes in state and local government.





  • Broward College Student

  • Good Academic Standing:  3.50 GPA

  • Subject to interview and acceptance process

Applications Open

        Fall       |       Spring       |       Summer

July-August | November-January | April-May



mauricio intern picture.jpg

Mauricio Haughton

BC Alumnus 2019

Act first, think later. You can’t allow yourself to get caught up in your own thoughts.

Ekaterina Koptenko

BC Alumna 2018

It is important to work hard and just trust that the future will turn out the way it should.

thompson Jhaneil.jpg

Jhaniel Thompson

BC Alumna 2019

Be more confident and open to starting conversations with people I’m not familiar with.


Violeta Rivera

BC Alumna 2012

Get involved wayyy earlier and find out about study abroad


Projects, Internships, Experiences and Service (P.I.E.S.)

PEP Interns are assigned to what we call P.I.E.S. which stands for Projects:



  • Projects:

    • Lean Six Sigma

    • Bougainvillea House (Mental Health)

    • Elite Foundation (Anti-Human Trafficking)

  • Internships:

    • Psychology Lab

    • GIS Lab

    • Oral History Lab

    • BMI Lab

  • Experiences: 

    • Weekly Seminars

    • Lauderdale Lead

    • Conferences

    • ​Elite Foundation Gala

  • Service: 

    • Anti-Human Trafficking Service Project

    • Special volunteer activities​


It is expected the intern works on their PIES to achieve an outcome designed by them and their lead, mentor or any other professional they may work with or under. It is encouraged that 


Assist with planning, promoting, and engaging in forums in which students engage in semi-structured discussions about various issues.


Elite is committed to serving the needs of voiceless human-trafficked victims in our community, and vulnerable men and women worldwide.

Elite Foundation New Logo.png

Assist with fundraising, meeting, booking, and planning activities to successfully and execute meetings and the Annual Pillars Conference.

Pillars logo (3 orange).png

 Lean Six Sigma is a certification that combines  two popular Continuous Improvement methods. his method increase in performance and decrease in process variation


Assist by  making Geographic Information systems (GIS) applicable to current events. Focus on giving students applied and hands-on experience.

GIS logo.png

At The Bougainvilla House Family Therapy Center, we provide behavioral health and substance use programs to help your family regain purpose and return to the path of realizing full potential.

Bougainvillea House MH.png
Psychology Lab2.png

Assist with planning research and engaging in forums in which students engage in semi-structured discussions about various issues.


Engage in research relating to the field of Brain Machine Interface (BMI). Translating neuronal information into computer commands. 

BMI logo.png

Assist the Oral History Project director with interviews and events such as the BC Oral History Project Mini-Conference, to

include experiential learning, certifications, and other opportunities.

Oral History logo.png
czdvfa (1).jpg


How do you want to serve?

Together We Serve!

Each PEP intern receives an alumni mentor and a mentor from Broward College and/or the community.

Mentor Expectations: T.E.A.C.H.

Time/Talents/ and Treasures

  • Determine how much time you can afford to spend together with your protégé.

  • Determine what unique specialization or expertise that you can offer to your protégé.

  • Determine what resources that you can offer to your protégé (ex. Special contacts, information concerning scholarships, job or internship reference).

Establish Explanations and Expectations

  • Establish ground-rules

  • Explain ground-rules

  • Establish clear expectations and consequences for not abiding by ground-rules.


  • Learn about your protégé’s priorities and objectives.

  • Provide your protégé answers to basic questions or refer them to the proper source for their questions.


  • Create a schedule for meeting and communicating

  • Create opportunities for collaboration


  • Be a source of “Help” for your protégé

  • Be a source of “Hope” for your protégé