Student Blog: Shanice Archer

September 4, 2016

Move over Kevin Durant, you’re no longer the most hated player out of California. Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers has been the topic of discussion lately with his controversial political statement at a pre-season game. Kaepernick took a stand against police brutality and racial oppression by sitting down during the national anthem while fellow teammates stood, like many other Americans usually do. Some claim this act of bravery exercises his First Amendment right, while some find it un-American and disrespectful to our country and the people that serve it. I, on the other hand, love seeing athletes use their platform to express their beliefs on important issues in our communities. However, does anyone know what position he plays?

            Throughout this political controversy it seems that his ability as a quarterback is being overshadowed by his beliefs. Kaepernick has struggled in practices and preseason games after his thumb, knee, and shoulder injuries; so much so that Blaine Gabbert has been confirmed to be the starting quarterback for the season’s opener against the Los Angeles Rams. Kaepernick is the number 2 quarterback as of right now. The 49ers will only have two quarterbacks up on game day, which leaves Christian Ponder, their number 3 quarterback, to watch from the bleachers. Coach Chip Kelly acknowledges that Kaepernick still has to work up to total health even though he has been cleared to play. As of right now, Gabbert is the healthier option, but who knows what the season has in store.




August 13, 2016

            Hope Solo has angered fans everywhere…. again! This world-class player has shown the world that she has little class when it comes to losing. The U.S. women’s soccer team has just suffered their earliest Olympic tournament exit. Sweden was not going to play with U.S. tactics and that gave them the advantage. Sweden held off the U.S. and brought them all the way to penalties. It was close, but ultimately, after a 1-1 draw, Sweden won 4-3 in the shootout. Sweden led the game with the first goal; the U.S. equalized the game shortly after. Sweden played a smart, tactical game. Pia Sundhage knows the U.S. team inside and out, so it’s not surprising that Sweden was the team to strip the U.S. of a medal. Sweden was compact and had a lower line, because playing an open game against the best team in the world would’ve resulted in an easy win for the U.S. However, Hope Solo wasn’t too happy about her opponents not playing open. Solo said, “I am very proud of this team. But I also think we played a bunch or cowards. The best team did not win today.” I agree, the best team did not win, the smarter team did. Solo explains that her opponents were cowards because they “didn’t want to play great soccer”, instead they were combative and physical, which she recognizes is what they wanted. Sweden went in and played the game their way to secure a win, which is what some of the best teams do. The U.S. dominated possession, but Sweden was absorbing pressure. Sweden was using a tactic we see many teams with the lower hand use and they used it eloquently. To call them cowards is too harsh. She changed her gloves suddenly during penalties, were these “cowards” getting under you skin, Solo?

            “I think you saw American heart.” Solo says. I don’t think Solo quite understands that she is not showing American heart. Her comments reflect badly on the whole team and don’t mirror the heart of a world-class player. Alex Morgan expressed her grief by saying “I don’t feel like it should have gotten to penalties to begin with… Obviously I didn’t convert mine, and being the No. 1 penalty taker that’s important to boost the confidence of the team. So I feel like I failed in that today.”  Morgan kept her comment clean and personal to reflect how she felt without blaming others for their lose. Carli Lloyd showed perseverance with her comments, stating, “This team is not going to crumble. We’re going to work much harder.” Solo should take note on how leaders and winners lose. Rather than blaming the opponent, take this as a lesson and work through this painful defeat. It’s sad to know that the world will hear Solo’s comments and think that this is “American heart”. If Chrstiano Ronaldo, arguably the best player in the world, couldn’t get away with similar comments he had during the Euros, what was running through Solo’s mind to think she could say such as thing? I’m looking forward to the final and what the result will be now that a big favorite to win is out. However, I’m also curious to see how much more off-the-field drama the U.S. team will deal with because Solo just can’t help herself.





July 29, 2016: 


Congratulations, Bill O’Reilly, you’re an idiot! While Michele Obama spoke beautifully at the Democratic convention about the positive progression black Americans have made in this country, you try to diminish it. Now that you’ve tried to diminish the success of black Americans, you want to lash out at anyone who’s smart enough to have a problem with your comments. Let me get this straight, First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned how black Americans went from being the slaves who built the White House to Americans who live in the White House. Next, you said Michelle Obama was “essentially correct” while going on to list the positive factors that went into building the White House, such as slaves being fed while the government paid their slave masters. How wonderful that must’ve been! Slaves were chained, beaten, and raped, while John Adams and his wife Abigail laid their white privileged heads down to rest every night in a cushiony mansion. At least the slaves were “well fed” Bill, because, I mean come on, food is the main thing to discuss when it comes to slavery, right? How does one, so ignorant, become a political commentator that spreads tainted information to the masses? I don’t know what your definition of well fed is, but Abigail Adams, during her time in the White House, kept a record of her observations where she described the “negros” as “half-fed” slaves. Well, darn Bill, there seems to be a hole in your story.


You were so upset while speaking to your co-workers Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling about how the FOX News Channel is given a bad representation by left wing, liberals who try to find something to pick at; did I get that right? However, have you considered that people may not like the FOX News Channel because it employees people like you and your co-workers? Maybe in your day, Bill, making excuses for the oppression of a race was okay, but it’s 2016 and someone, somewhere is going to point out your crap! How dare you feel offended or attacked by the negative response your comments are generating by reasonably offended Americans. You aren’t being “attacked by smear merchants” like you claim to be. You are being attacked by individuals who would hate to see someone with your sort of power use their platform to justify oppression. Bill, you said “They know, trump gets a fair shake [on FOX News Channel], where he doesn’t get a fair shake in 90% of the other venues.” “They”, I’m assuming, is the “far left press” you were speaking about. Well, no wonder they have something against the network, you are praising yourself for giving a racist, bigot a platform to speak. So, let’s not gloat about how many years you have in the broadcasting industry; you might be too outdated to last much longer.





July 23, 2016: 


Boy will be boys? What an awful excuse for the bad behavior of the male species. Growing up, there’s so many instances where we are made to believe that the reason behind the mislead actions of our male peers, is that they are boys. When I was younger, if a boy was mean to me, the adults would tell me that he likes me. Why does he do this if he likes me? “Well, boys will be boys.” What an awful excuse! At the age I’m at now, domestic abuse is seen as anything but endearing and women are made to feel stupid for staying with their abuser. However, did our adult generation not enforce this male dominance and abusive behavior on us from a young age? I think it’s unfair to hold our young girls to a higher standard than our young boys. Why are we teaching our young girls to cover their shoulders, but not teaching our young boys to not take advantage of a situation? Why are we teaching out young girls ways to avoid rape, but not teaching out young boys that sex is only okay with your partner’s consent? Boys will be the boys we raise. Stop giving them leniency on matters you would persecute our young girls for. Stop praising them for their sexual adventures while slut shaming the partners they’ve experienced these adventures with. Stop allowing our boys to let their anger out in violence towards each other then excusing it because they’re boys. In the real world, violence and sexual abuse is not acceptable. So, why are we teaching our children otherwise? They videotape violence and upload it for fun. They expose nude images of each other for pay back. These are not appropriate actions and anything similar should be treated appropriately.





July 16, 2016: 


Every so often, more often then not, there’s a new fad. Some are awful creations, made up by some teenager with too much time on their hands. While others are creations, beautiful masterpieces, created for our amusement. Pokémon Go is one of these masterpieces. I admit, I’m heavily addicted to this childhood dream of catching creatures in our daily lives. What child didn’t fantasize about being or doing what their favorite cartoons did? I, for one, always wanted to be a powerpuff girl. However, I grew up and realized, I won’t be able to fly and kick Mojo Jojo’s butt, but I am able to catch Pikachu in my backyard.

This game isn’t only making us reminisce about childhood television shows, but it’s also making us exercise! A game that is not only interactive but also proactive in creating healthy interactive tactics, such as walking so many kilometers to hatch your eggs. I don’t know about you, but this game has, also, made me a lot more social! I have had hour-long conversations with strangers who have been simultaneously hunting the same pokémon as me. That’s not to say you should hang out with every stranger you meet, but it has been interesting uniting with people, regardless of race, size, sexuality, or gender, and meeting on common ground; this common ground being a phone application. We’ve enjoyed each other’s company and somehow, for a brief moment, forgot that somewhere in the world, someone doesn’t think our unification is possible. Somewhere, by someone, we are being called “childish” for indulging in this simple pleasure. In a world filled with so much horror and hate, sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and indulge in the “childish” things. At least children aren’t as judgmental as my peers.





July 8, 2016:


Technology has allowed us to launch into our futures with new advances and innovations. Yet somehow, the simplest of technology, such as creating a video, has not even allowed us to move forward from our pasts. With the help of technology, we have, time and time again, seen officer-involved shootings end fatally, with minorities on the receiving ends of these bullets. That’s not to say that all victims are minorities, but it is clear that minority victims are often targeted with more than their potential crime in mind. Police officers are gifted the opportunity to uphold American laws for their fellow Americans. If they are not up to protecting their families and others’ families while helping to ensure liberty and justice for all is given to ALL, then they probably should not be given a badge. Giving this sort of person a badge is ensuring that our safety is held in the hands of gun wielding individuals whom consider their pay check and status to be enough to feed and protect their own families, while inequality and funeral ceremonies are fed to ours. Blue lives do, in fact, matter. However, when will blue lives consider that fact that minority lives matter as well?

            As an American, I have the greatest pleasure of waking up in a country with freedoms and rights such as the ones guaranteed to Americans. As a minority, I have the greatest displeasure of waking up in my home nation to institutionalized racism that will not allow my freedoms and rights to be enforced justly and equally, as they would be to those of a lighter complexion. Please see color. It is not appealing for one to argue that they “don’t” see color when color runs our society. See my melanin! See that skin color has determined the worth of your fellow Americans. That is not to say that you should only see color and judge one purely on this predetermined feature, but that it should be acknowledged. To “not see” color, is to not see the problem.

            Another pathetic argument would be, “what about black on black crime?” First, we should not have to worry about officials sworn to protect us, killing us. Telling us to focus on black on black crime is like telling us that crimes committed by the police are not as concerning, if not more. We hold officers to a higher standard than common criminals because they are supposed to protect us from those very criminals. Secondly, if you want to talk about black on black crime, you have to be willing to talk about white on white crime. White on white crime exists and statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation will show you that about 82% of the offenders committing murder against white people are white! So bringing up a race on race debate is foolish because it steers away from what the actual problem is, just life the All Lives Matter “movement”. Stop coming up with ways to minimize the problem at hand by focusing on other parts of society that are not the primary issue. All lives matter, so show us that they do by allowing black lives to matter just as much. Black on black crimes, just like white on white crimes, is a terrible tragedy that occurs in our society that we could come together to help prevent. However, how do we begin to do that if our government allows inequality and discrimination to be systematically imbedded into our society, ultimately making sure we never get a chance to peacefully unite in the name of an anti-violent movement?

            There seems to be a half-hearted argument that would suggest, “Not all cops are bad”. However, they are just as bad as the murderer when they protect and judicially justify their co-workers’ wrong doings. So no, there are only good cops if that “good cop” will correctly identify and address a systematic injustice that their precincts have allowed to occur, while actively trying to shape the minds of those around them to see more than the color of our skins. I am more than the color of my skin. I am a straight A student, graduating with over 30 college credits at the age of 17, an intern at a respected college in the Broward community, a loving sister and daughter, yet somehow, if I end up a victim of police brutality, my face will be plastered in an unappealing way, while they try to find something wrong with me to broadcast to the world. When will this stop? When will Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, John Crawford, and Oscar Grant be more than their bullets? When will I be more than their bullets? When will you be more than their bullets?



July 3, 2016

The Fourth of July is tomorrow! Independence Day means many things to different people. Americans have festivities and traditions, such as, my favorite, fireworks! In high school history classes, I’ve learned that America is a melting pot of people from different cultures and ethnicities whom have come together and built the country we know today. I am a first generation American. I have grown up influenced by my parents’ cultures and, also, American culture. We, Americans, have been taught from a young age that we are free to do and be anything. Maybe that’s why Independence Day is such a big day for us. We are the land of the free, because of the brave, and that’s what this day celebrates. July 4th is more than barbecues and time off of work, it is about the rights and freedoms that we have earned and continue to fight for everyday. For the sake of this country, don’t take your rights and freedoms for granted. We the people of the United States of America, owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to make sure everyone shares these common rights and freedoms. So I beg, don’t sit idly by when our rights and freedoms are being impeded upon. Remember our Fourth of July, remember who we are, don’t let anyone make you feel less than American. The brave fought for us; let us continue to fight, here at home, for liberty and justice for all.


June 26, 2016


            I’ve come to the realization that I can only see my future if I look towards it. Looking into the past is tempting, but can it change the present? No, it can’t. I long for the past. I long to replay my past mistakes and correct them. I long to relive friendships that are far past their expiration dates. In longing for such things, my present arrives at an indefinite halt while time continues with no pity. Some things need to be left in the past. You don’t have to rekindle that old friendship, appreciate what it once was. You don’t need to relive past failures, know that new opportunities arise and what you make of them now is what matters. You see, we are made to live life blindly. Maybe that is why some of us rescind to our past. The only aids we have into our unknown futures are the lessons learned and memories created from our pasts.

            While I admire my past, I refuse to live somewhere that no longer exists. It is a place that my mind has tried to create in my present. I will not live in false visions. I am only getting older, while my memory reminds me of naivety I have far outgrown. Realizing that I am more than who I used to be, allows me to prepare for who I want to become. Today, I woke up and lived a life, my life. Tomorrow, today will be part of the building blocks and memories that will define me, as a woman, 10 years from now.


Are you living in your past? Are you happy with that person?


June 18, 2016


             Nowadays, it seems the word “phobia” is being used broadly. A phobia is an irrational or extreme fear of something. So, if I tell you I have cleithrophobia, I am telling you that I have an irrational fear of being trapped. It may not be rational to fear being trapped inside a working elevator, but my phobia will tell me otherwise. If I were to tell you that I have arachnophobia, I am telling you that if you do not help me swat this daddy long legs away, then I may hyperventilate with the fear that I will be bitten, infected, and die. That doesn’t sound too logical, but spiders can be creepy and scary! As ridiculous as cleithrophobia and arachnophobia may sound, there is reasoning behind a person’s phobia towards these specific things. If you were trapped in an elevator for long enough, you’ll run out of oxygen and die. Certain spiders are very deadly, so overreacting when you see a spider you are unable to identify is not the weirdest thing in the world. These phobias are examples of the extreme fears developed by many people around the world. However, what is not a phobia is homophobia.

            Don’t scream and shout! I said it and I won’t take it back. A homophobic person doesn’t fear homosexuals. A homophobic person is usually a person that doesn’t agree with a homosexual’s preferences. In fact, if you search for the definition of homophobia on Google, it will explain to you that it is the “dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.” So when someone uses anti-gay profanity or fights against the LGBTQ movement, they do not fear for their lives or wellbeing, they’re just against the equality of someone who doesn’t share the same “traditional” values as them. Homophobia has no place in America, the land of the free. Homophobia does not even exist! Don’t push your values onto another and then persecute them for not wanting to conform to your ideals. At that point, the only thing you fear is not being in control.



June 11, 2016


           I have great news! The singing duo I am in, The Mixed Royalty, is releasing their new song Monday, June 13, 2016. We have been recording tons of music. This song is the first of many we plan to release. This is extremely exciting because it’s the first song we are releasing under the name “The Mixed Royalty”. Our song “Never Told You” is a collaboration with DJ Danny from London, England. To check out our song visit on June 13th for our song! It will also be available on all digital downloading sites; iTunes, Spotify,, etc.



June 3, 2016


        I have a confession to make. I love soccer! But, don’t tell anyone. Apparently, soccer isn’t a girl’s sport.  If you don’t believe me, ask the U.S. Soccer Federation and FIFA because their actions clearly show that they have little to no appreciation or support for women soccer players. It’s 2016, yet our U.S. women’s soccer team still experiences discrimination and inequality. This inequality has put the wages and health of our national team’s women at risk. Our women are forced to play on turf. You know, the fake grass with little rubber pellets. Well, when our favorite players make those tackles we all love, those amazing slides and dives we all cheer for, those rubber pellets go into the player’s skin, rubbing against it causing abrasions or burns that often leave the player bloodied.

            It’s not only the turf burns they have to worry about, but also the uneven terrain, which exposes them to possible injury and makes it extremely dangerous. Just last December they cancelled a victory tour exhibition against Trinidad and Tobago because the field they planned to play on at, Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, was unfit. Hope Solo, the U.S. Women’s National Team’s starting goalie, shared a picture on twitter to further explain to devastated fans why she just could not and would not play on that field. Can you believe that this picture showed Hope Solo lifting a piece of turf off of the bare ground because it was not been properly secured to the floor? What’s worse is that these girls have had to play on similar fields most of their professional careers. In fact, players sued FIFA over a year ago concerning the issues they had with playing the World Cup Championship on turf. Instead of correcting this issue, FIFA waited out the lawsuit until our women had no choice but to compete on the field. Now, come on, it’s FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, surely the men would’ve had to play on these types of fields too, right? Except they haven’t. Our men have never played a World Cup on turf. So, why is the health of our women, less important than the health of our men?

            Well surely, if these women are putting themselves at risk, they’re being justly compensated, right? But they’re not. This is where the debate of inequality becomes a little tricky, because the U.S. Women’s National Team is paid using a different method than the U.S. Men’s National Team. The women have a base salary of $72,000 and receive benefits such as health insurance, while the men do not have a base salary and do not receive benefits. However, for every game, the men receive $5,000, even if they lose. On games they win, they can receive up to $17,000. The women receive about $1,300 for every game they win and receive nothing if they lose. Through these different methods of payment the lawyer, Jeffery Kessler, for the few US women soccer players who have decided to sue, has said that our women are still being paid between 28% and 62% less than our men depending on the match. Just for making the world cup roster, a male player will get over $68,000 in their world cup year while the women earn $15,000. Let me put this into perspective. When the men had their world cup in 2014 and only made it to round 16, the U.S. Men’s National Team’s star player, Clint Dempsey earned $428,022. When our women’s team won their world cup last year, meaning 1st place, our star players Carli Lloyd and Hope Solo got $240,019 each. That’s a $188,003 difference. Not to mention, in 2015 the women’s team generated more revenue than the men’s team and are projected to do so not only this year, but in 2017 as well.

            So while, men’s soccer may be internationally more popular which garners money, success, and glory, right here, domestically, in the United States of America our U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has not only garnered more revenue than our men, they have won 3 world cups, 4 olympic gold medals, are ranked number 1 in the world, and our Women’s team was once captained by the world’s all-time leading scorer by any man or woman, the now retired Abby Wambach.

            When Wambach retired, she urged the nation to forget her, to forget her name, to forget her number, to forget every record broken and every title won. She wanted her legacy to be replaceable by the next generation’s accomplishments and that these accomplishments would be so great that they’d wipe her name from history. After all the U.S. women’s National Soccer Teams have done for U.S. soccer, don’t we owe it to the next generation to at least give them equality and fair treatment as they aim for the record-books? Don’t we owe it to them to make a girl’s sport, too?



May 28, 2016


            When a human athlete dies doing the sport they love, the world mourns their death. Not only is it a rare headline, but a devastating one. What about animal athletes? Horseracing is a sport that forces unwilling participants to run until they die; quite literally. About 700 to 800 horses sustain injuries or die every year because of this sport. Just last Saturday, at Preakness Stakes, 2 horses, Pramedya and Homeboykris, died. Homeboykris suffered from an apparent heart attack after he won his race and 4-year-old Pramedya broke her leg, which caused caretakers to euthanize her on the track. Funny how her jockey, Daniel Centeno, suffered a broken collarbone after Pramedya’s fall, but he was not euthanized, he was taken to a hospital. I’m not saying “death to the jockey”, I’m saying that responsibility needs to be taken. This sport institutionalizes and normalizes animal abuse.

            Not only are these innocent animals run to death, but they are also trained too early. It’s not surprising Pramedya didn’t make it to 5-years-old, seeing how these horses are bred and trained. Racehorses are raced, usually, around the ages of 2 or 3-years-old. These young horses are prone to injury because they are physically immature; their skeletal systems cannot handle the pressures they will endure because they have not fully grown. The horses are further abused with whips. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, there ARE whipping regulations! I would tell you all of these “regulations” but they’re so watered down I’m having trouble deciding whether they’re is a joke or not. The rules regulate an “appropriate” and “professional” manner in which a living animal should be hit in order to stimulate them enough to want to do the task their jockey would like them to carry out.

            Our human athletes are held to higher standards when it comes to drugs. Athletes have been punished for taking drugs, such as steroids and marijuana. Who will punish the people feeding racehorses legal and illegal drugs? These horses are given anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and Lasix, which controls lung bleeding, so that the horse runs faster through the pain they can no longer feel. That does not treat their injuries, rather it pushes them to the side until the caregivers give a damn and retire the horse to its new home, Mr. Slaughterhouse. They are not only unfit to race, it is also puts their health in danger.

            The truth is ugly, but organizations and human beings that support such a vicious trade are even uglier. When will the world wake up and open their eyes? This is not a sport. This is a disgrace.



May 20, 2016

           You know what’s incredibly disheartening?  The fact that there is injustice in our world and it is seen as anything BUT normal to speak up about it. If you do, you are “making a scene” or “making a mountain out of a mole hill”. That is NOT okay. Do not dim your voice because society has become so socially accepting of ill practices. Do not dim your voice because your peers have differing opinions. Do not dim you voice because you are afraid. Speak, even when your voice shakes. I’ve been reading and witnessing some disturbing things that I’ve decided I’m going to share with you all. From now on, please expect me to be a lot more vocal about social issues. I will not sit back and sit idly.

            I started writing to be heard. I’ve been writing for years. However, as I grew older, I found myself writing fluff pieces. I had become cautious of what I wrote, but I fear that, now, caution is an even bigger let down to my peers and myself. Sugar coating my opinions doesn’t change my position on the matter; so, I’m going to stop the sugar coating and give it to you straight. Look out for a new post next week. I think you’ll appreciate my honesty.



May 13, 2016


           Can you see it? You’re a graduate! Congratulations to all of the students who have finished the semester and graduated! We know how hard it can be to stay on track and finish strong. Broward College has a wonderful student body, so I know the degree earning graduates will be a great addition to the fields they are in. Remember, stay true to who you are and carry with you the knowledge you have learned during your time here, at Broward College. I hope you continue to follow campus events and news as you enter your alumni status. Seahawk Proud!



May 6, 2016


           Dembele, Dembele, Dembele… Mousa you be so idiotic? (See what I did there) Puns aside, if you haven’t heard about the clash between Tottenham Hotspur’s Mousa Dembele and Chealsea’s Diego Costa, well you’ve missed some interesting action. Last Monday, Chelsea and Tottenham faced off and it was less than pleasing. The 2-2 draw has killed Tottenham’s hopes at the Premiere League title. However, after such a crucial game, many find themselves speaking about much more than the skills the Tottenham players possess. During this dirty game, Dembele took his anger to another level and gouged Costa’s eye. This reckless, barbaric move has caused the Football Association to give Dembele a 6 game ban.

          Personally, I think players very often get heated during a game. I think it is understandable for players to be angry or frustrated when things aren’t going as they planned. However, when you put on your jersey, you are a direct representation of your team. His actions are more than worthy of a 6 game ban. He has let down his fans, his club, and, hopefully, himself. Never let someone get so under skin that they start controlling your actions. Dembele has hurt himself and his club. Pathetic…



April 28, 2016


           Yesterday, a woman from the Palm Beach Post approached me and asked to take my photo. I was slightly thrown off guard by her enthusiasm. She explained that she liked my look and would like to post it on their website as part of a festival fashion feature they are doing. There were hundreds of people around me, yet somehow she chose me. I had complained, earlier, that I didn’t like how I looked yet this stranger later approached me professing her love of my style. My mom said something to me that had my mind spinning, “We are our biggest critics.” I have criticized myself for years. Am I popular enough? Am I pretty enough? If I wear this, will I look fat? Am I smart enough? Am I fun enough? Am I enough?

            I’ve asked myself similar questions throughout many aspects of my life. I am enough. You are enough. No matter how many times I question myself, there is a little voice in the back of my head that fights its way through to shout, “YOU ARE ENOUGH!” I am my biggest critic. Are you your biggest critic? Though it’s sometimes hard to look in the mirror and see the beautiful person others see you as, never stop fighting to hear that little voice in the back of your head. You are worthy.



April 23, 2016


           Changes, changes, changes. It seems as the seasons are changing, so are we. Spring semester is always my favorite! Why? Because things come and go. Here we are, as old as we’ve ever been yet still so young. Many of you prepare for your college graduations while I look forward to my high school graduation. I will be transitioning from a dual-enrollment student to a full-time Broward Seahawk! With that, comes many responsibilities of adulthood, but, also, many memories I look forward to creating. I went to my senior prom last night; it hit me. I will never get this time back. I will not wear my high school soccer jersey ever again. I will not see some of my favorite coaches or teachers again. I will not see some of my favorite freshmen grow into seniors; I will be doing my own growing. The DJ told us to hold each classmate close just one last time as we say goodbye and I wish I can say I held on as long as I could, but I didn’t. I held on tight with nostalgia, but I let go with the promise of a better future that awaits me. I will not fear my goodbye, I will welcome my hello.

            For many of you, you will no longer actively attend Broward College. You’re graduating! Welcome your futures with open arms and remember all you’ve been taught; you might need it someday. Hold on tight to those college memories and release any limitations you might have created for yourself. As you exit, we, the new generation, come. Do not fear. Change is inevitable; what will you do with it?



April 8, 2016


It’s testing season! I’ve been so stressed out with the thought of possibly failing the most important tests of the semester; finals! I mean, I’ve done so well so far and this one little test can decide whether my good grades have been a waste. Further more, what if I’m just not as smart as I think I am? has a page dedicated to student stress and anxiety. According to the website, 80% of college students feel stressed some of the time and 20% feel stressed most of the time. Some stress can be due to outside factors, such as living away from home, financing your daily activities, and planning your future. However, stress from academic demands and test anxiety are common causes of long-term stress for college students. If you suffer from academic related stress or test anxiety, here’s a few things you can do:


I. Study, study, study! Apparently, if you study enough and study effectively, you won’t fear testing as much because you know, or think you know, the material.


II. Sleep! Remember, when your 9th grade teacher told you to sleep and you laughed it off and started rambling about the extracurriculars you have? Well, she told you that for a reason. Make time for a reasonable amount of sleep or suffer the consequences! There are many studies that agree that lack of sleep affects one’s memory and abilities.


III. Calm down; chill out dude! Relaxation is, in the words of DJ Khaled, “the key to success”. Meditate, join a club, do what makes you happy. Broward College offers so many different ways to help you calm down or relax! The meditation room is in Building 19, room 130 and is available Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3pm. Maybe you like something more physical. Try the open basketball gym on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 3pm in Building 10. Engage with some of your peers and play a fun game of basketball! These are just two of many activities our amazing school has to offer. Visit the Student Life Activity Center for more events and activities.


Don’t let stress rule you. Take action and end this semester smiling. To learn more about how to release your stress, stop by the Stress Release Workshop on April 19th, in the Student Life Activity Center at Central Campus from 12:30pm to 1:30pm or visit Forgot to buy scantrons? No problem! On April 26, on the patio of Building 19, Central Campus will be helping students release their stress with free coffee, donuts, AND scantrons from 11am to 2pm! See you there!




April 14, 2016


What do you want to do in life? How do you plan to achieve that? What inspires you to do so? Many of us have futures that we’ve planned for ourselves, but will our aspirations be enough to lead us to successful futures? I am a firm believer that one’s ambition is only as big as they want it to be. Hope is useless. Sitting down and hoping for $1million won’t give you $1million. Opening your mind, learning and working everyday, constantly growing your ambitions, that gives you the success you so deeply desire. Summer is near and so is the end of the semester. The degree I’m working on puts me one step closer to the future I dream of when I shut my eyes. How will you be ending this semester?



April 8, 2016


I might be missing Florida a little more than I thought I would. It is bitter cold in these London nights and I have never missed humidity this much in my whole life. I complained about it every single day, I'll probably continue to complain about it as well, yet I miss it dearly. This reminded me of the ever so popular saying, “You don't know what you have until it's gone.” Well, I just figured out that heat is vital to my everyday life and now that it's gone, I find myself only functioning when I've ingested heaps of Mocha decaf coffees from Caffé Nero or Costa Coffee to keep me warm. Why is it we only appreciate something when we no longer have it? Am I being greedy if I want the best of both worlds? The simplest things bring us the most satisfaction when in our grasp and the most sorrow when it goes off into some distant corner of the world, no where to be found. Do you know what you have? Do you appreciate what you have? Or is it already gone?



April 5, 2016


London, the city of bricks. It's a city I'm far too accustomed to. I know the city like the back of my hand; which I know well enough to know it's my own. I walk the central London streets so often, I could turn street corners with my eyes closed. Step out of Oxford Circus station, make a left, walk straight for 15 minutes, then arrive to China Town after a couple slight turns. This journey was always my favorite because I got to see all of the big buildings, filled with high-end stores, that I loved so much. However, my friend has visited me from Germany and has changed my perspective on the city I think is so beautiful. She keeps telling me, “Slow, we go slow.” In the broken English she knows, she asks, “Why everyone here move so fast?” I didn't understand. It was a fast-paced city, everyone walked fast; everyone has places to go. In her broken English, she started to wonder why no one took in what was around them. To her, everyone needed to calm down, slow their pace, and become happier in doing so. So, today we lived like my Friend. We strolled down busy London streets slowly. We looked inside shops and laughed at the littlest of things. We walked to China town, rented bikes, and then rode all the way to Buckingham Palace where we laughed at the fact that more experienced cyclists overtook us in the bike lanes. I had seen the city so many times, but it never looked as beautiful as it did today. My ears felt numb as the cold breeze caught them ever so slightly, yet the flowers and trees looked so beautiful. The palace seemed bigger. My heart felt a little warmer. Memories were made that shall last a lifetime.



March 31, 2016:


I was asked a rather random question recently and it has been on my mind ever since. Is selfish a bad thing? When my associate brought this question to my attention, I answered rather fast. I mean, what was there to really think about? I'm selfish. I don't think selfish is a bad thing. Do you? Aren't we all selfish in a way? I think if we perceive selfishness as a horrible characteristic on most accounts then we forget that being concerned about your well-being isn't the worst thing in the world. You can help others while also helping yourself. In the end, it is always you who has to deal with the consequences associated with your actions, so why not do something you can live with. Be selfish and selfless. Many would assume that those two terms do not work hand in hand; however, I'd like to think that there's enough room in everyone's hearts to love others and yourself at the same time. The semester is almost over and finals are coming up. So be a little selfish and succeed in the areas you want to succeed in. There's nothing wrong with turning down your friends every once in a while to study and there is definitely nothing wrong with bettering yourself. At the end of the day, no one has to live your life except for you. Be a little selfish.



March 25, 2016: 


Hello! My name is Shanice and I'll be your resident blogger. I'm a student at Broward College who is majoring in Journalism. If you see me around campus, say “hi”! I'm curious about the world and, while I find a place for myself in it, I want to share my thoughts and findings with you all. I love sports, music, books, movies, and I love traveling! So expect many different things to be discussed here. However, more than anything, I want you to have a voice. I want you to read my posts and see yourself.

I want you to ask yourself questions and be unapologetically opinionated about the topics that are presented to you. I don't think we were all made to think the same,

so why confine yourself to the comfort zone society has put you in?


So, tell me what you think and e-mail me at

I look forward to getting to know you all and you all getting to know me.