This is a place that not only prepared me well academically but also provided me with the kind of support I could have never even dreamed of. Being a lead intern at the Social Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Department’s Professional Enhancement Program, I felt part of a family.

—  Ekaterina Koptenko, BC Alumna 2018

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The Pillars Conference is a collaborative effort between the Broward College Social & Behavioral Sciences & Human Services Professional Enhancement Program and a group of Broward College alumni to provide experiences for leaders to maximize their opportunities to strengthen their sense of global purpose, personal well-being and individual resilience. Pillars invests in leaders as they discover, follow, and excel in their chosen career path. We bring leaders together to:

  1. Maximize their opportunities for personal and professional growth 

  2. Maximize their opportunities to sustain and encourage each other as leaders & 

  3. Maximize their opportunities to make a positive impact in their community.

This conference wraps up a year-long schedule of events in the SBSHS Professional Enhancement Program. In the past, we have held the conference at the Pillars Resort in Fort Lauderdale. The name of the resort combined with the imagery of “Pillars” has served us well over the years. Although we are not convening at our traditional location, we strive to carry the principles of excellence in leadership with us wherever we go, as pillars in our community.

Pillar Awards

This award honors individuals or organizations for outstanding service to their community. These service efforts take many forms, including volunteer time, charitable giving and for doing visionary work to solve pressing challenges, build opportunity and equity, and create a brighter future for Broward College students and alumni.

Pillar of the Community

Faculty Pillar of the Community

Alumni Pillar of the Community

Student Pillar of the Community


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