Peer Academic Leader

The BC Central Campus Social & Behavioral Sciences Peer Academic Leader System (PALS) provide valuable services for Broward College students. It is a source of student-to-student academic advising based on  personal experiences of BC students.  We offer accurate advice regarding  classes, research opportunities, studying abroad, and academic rules, regulations, and procedures, or any topic as it relates to academics. 
The mission of the PAL program is to help raise awareness among students about academic requirements, learning support services, campus resources, and important dates and deadlines. We assist students in selecting courses to best fit their college and career paths, planning quarterly programs of study, learning about the various majors and minors, obtaining information about BC’s resources and opportunities, and simply adjusting to life as BC students.
Helpful Tips
1. Start planning  your Fall 2017  courses right now.
2. Figure out when you’re graduating in order to create a concrete educational plan for future semesters.
3. Visit as many advisors as possible at Broward College and your transfer school. 
4. Take advantage of the Honors book loaning program in order to save money and potentially put some money back in your pockets.
5. Get to know your professors because you never know when you will need that letter of recommendation.
6.  Join Phi Theta Kappa. Become part of the Honors College. Join the Social Sciences Group and the Doctor Who Club! Get involved in many on campus activities to broaden your outlook of the college.
PALs you can talk to:
Summer 2017 
Darnel Joseph
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM