Hacking Bad Lecture Series (Fall 2013)

September 25, 2013 Exploring the Ethical Implications and Social Responsibilities

Faculty and students from the Social Sciences Group kick off the fall series with an analysis of the ethical implications of social responsibility. The title of the series is adapted from the hit television show, Breaking Bad (an AMC production). The show is about a high school chemistry teacher who breaks ethical barriers in order to pay for his chemotherapy and provide for his family before he dies, after learning he has stage 3a pulmonary cancer. The series explores how shifts in cultural powers and scientific advances affect  our views of the human condition. Please consider inviting your students, especially if you are looking for an activity that will focus on enhancing students’ critical thinking skills (QEP). We would like to give special recognition to Ms. Bianca Picou for the illustration in the flyer.


October 15, 2013 Hacking Society: Surveillance, Privacy and Security

Hacking Society: Surveillance, Privacy and Security will examine the political implications of the use of surveillance in a democratic society, touching on how the end-results of hacking society may arm political rivals and threaten individual privacy, civil liberties and our freedom to have personal space to be ourselves.


October 25, 2013  The Social and Ethical Implications of Brain-Machine Interface Technology

In this symposium a group of scholars will present and discuss the social, ethical, and other implications of brain machine interface (BMI) technology. Its main objective is to raise interest in, and awareness about, a technology that has the potential to change human nature and human social structure in the coming years.


November 12, 2013 Hacking Barriers: The Art of Human Hacking

The Art of Human Hacking will examine religious and philosophical challenges related to the concepts of matter and mind. It will address how artists have sought to creatively break through social barriers by presenting engaging scenarios of what it means to be human. It will also touch upon new forms of breaking social barriers by way of self-expression through digital artistry and social media.